My work focuses on the areas of optimization, digitization, and transformation of business models and accompanying these processes; as well as the effective and economical design of supporting IT strategy, governance, service management, and sourcing. In addition I value the humans at work and as an individual in a rapidly moving world.

about me

My passion and many years of experience in digitization, organizational development and personnel management allow me to support you in the board of directors and make my contribution to innovative and sustainable solutions.

Transforming and developing IT departments into value-generating business units. Successful implementation of change projects. Employee development as a central building block for overall success. Participation in the successful digital transformation of an IT service provider as a member of the board of directors.

Innovative and strategy driven senior leader with over 20 years of front-line experience establishing new IT functions from the ground up, rebuilding existing departments, and developing and implementing best-in-class systems, procedures, and policies. Adept at creating long-term strategies, aligning IT deliverables with business objectives, and supporting drastic business transformations and disruptions.

I strongly believe that people, computer and knowledge are key to anything happening in our industries.

My main areas of expertise:

  • Program and Project Management
  • Business Strategy and IT Operations Alignment
  • Leadership and Staff Development
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Process optimization
  • Technology standardization
  • IT Architecture


“Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.” –Bill Bradley

Amazing things happen when done together, but every Team is a group of individuals.

People are the most important ressource within any company and they are the only key for future growth and prosperity.

I can help you let your team shine and reach for the gold. Being an experienced sparring partner and mentor, I will help to improve your Team’s performance as well as you to reflect and progress.


Digitalization: Hardly any other buzzword has been used so much in recent years. Of course, it must be something around computers and ever-increasing computer power. However, it cannot be that alone, as computers have been around for decades now. As a consequence, nowadays we must support legacy systems, that are still functional but outdated while keeping up with the technological progress and running the newest estate at the same time.

Being a well-seasoned computer adept, I have enough in my “toolbox” to help you with most of the challenges you might encounter be it with the very old or the brand new technology.


Knowledge is resultant of experience and wisdom. Bringing my expertise to the table allows you to access a broad range of methodologies and various implementation methods that I thoroughly exercised and reflected upon, building a portfolio of best practice.

As one learns the whole of his life, I am still being strongly driven by curiosity and desire for advancement, and I am ready to work and evaluate unfamiliar or novel concepts with you.

Let’s join forces! Let’s spar!


There is nothing better, than a testimonial from another person.


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