Strategy development

Digitization is radically changing our world and have an invaluable impact on the business. There is hardly an area in your company that will not be affected by this trend.

How do you create and update your strategy? Are you following a plan, do you adjust regularly? What about digitization? Are you in need of a new business model or just an overhaul of today’s strategy? Are you working on an exploit or explore portfolio? Need someone to make sense of all those changes for you? Let’s make sure you re ahead maintaining competitive advantage.

I can help you with:

  • Developing and running the Scenario Planning Workshop
  • Evaluating and implementing elements of innovation by using design thinking methods
  • Auditing and improvements of the business process
  • Creating, adapting and future-proofing your business strategy
  • Implementing and Executing business strategy
  • Initializing and following-through change management

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