IT Strategy development

The IT Strategy development and implementation is a structured process that reveals a long-term view of the business’s technology requirements emphasizing added value for the business setup.

A comprehensive and agile approach towards strategy creation that takes into account a carefully chosen set of internal and external factors allows for a future-proof execution plan adapted perfectly to meet your company IT needs.

I can help you with:

  • Making sure your IT strategy perfectly supports your business strategy
  • Optimizing of the financial aspects of your IT strategy
  • Balancing and maximizing benefits of the use of the external technological developments
  • Strategic evaluation of the IT architecture
  • Maintenance, auditing and proposing improvements to the IT infrastructure in respect to the business needs
  • Development of applications
  • Evaluation, scoping and defining proposals of the IT projects and project portfolio management
  • Assuring IT Governance & evaluation of its compliance

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