Consulting and Project Management

The world is changing and organizations need regularly adapt “how things are done around here” too.
Organizations should live by their process, but oftentimes, processes live their own life within an organization, as at some point, they don’t serve well their purpose anymore. This may lead at the end to the abandonment of the processes, which may lead to some business risks such as decreasing the quality of the services provided, losing internal knowledge, or in the most extreme case, even organizational chaos.

Even though it is a natural erosion process, it needs to be carefully monitored and well adjusted when needed.
I can audit business processes within your company, analyze them and we can develop together suitable measures to improve the overall workflow.
For the maximum success, carefully defined requirements can be turned into work packages with measurable outcomes.
For the highest effectiveness of the project execution, I propose a balanced blend of recognized project management methods including Hermes and Prince 2, as well as elements of Agile methodologies that give the advantage of the original and approach best-suited for maximizing the impact of your project.

I can help you with:

  • auditing internal processes
  • adapting them for the highest effectiveness of the organization
  • defining process requirements for your organization
  • project management and process change implementation

Let`s work together