Have you ever asked yourself why we are so much in search of ecosystems and excellent digital experiences? Firstly, we want to have the customer with us at the right moment and secondly, we want to deliver the best service.

We want to retain the customer thanks to wow-effects. With good service design we can deliver such wow effects from the front stage to far behind the stage. The main focus is on this:

  • CX (Customer Experience): The perceptions of the customer and the associated feelings generated by the unique and cumulative effects of interactions with our people, applications, systems, services or products.
  • UX (User Experience): The sum of the experiences that are the result of interaction with one or more digital or analog products for users. This includes the graphic design, interaction design and functionality of the product.
  • EX (Employee Experience): Just as important as the CX and the UX, the EX will be. Only well-involved employees will be able to create positive feelings about the company’s applications, systems, services, products and managers. Where necessary, they will go the extra mile.
  • MX (Multi-Experience): Interaction across a variety of digital touch points (web presence, apps, bots, wearables, etc.) that the user experiences as seamless and consistent.

It will be crucial to get involved in the next wave of interaction services. According to Gartner, by 2023, 50% of all systems in customer contact will also provide a “no-touch” interface. This means that we will interact via voice or in an augmented reality.

So whoever can best implement their MUCE (MX, UX, CX, EX) strategy will be able to create unforgettable experiences for customers and employees and thus gain a big advantage.