You certainly know the challenge. Everyone wants to sell you something. Preferably coaching. But do you need it?

And if so, how do you actually measure the success of the coaching? In a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), why should you work with a coach at all?

How does coaching help you? It gives you new views on things, new ideas for solutions and thoughts for self-reflection. At every royal court there used to be the Lord of Disorder. Anyone who works in software development is certainly familiar with the SCRUM Master, who is also a coach in his role. His main tasks for the team are:

  • Coaching the development team towards self-organisation and teamwork
  • Supporting the development team in creating high quality products
  • Eliminating obstacles that hold up the development team;

At this point the method already provides for a coach, in addition to the product owner and the development team. And no one asks the question, does it need the ? He is accepted and helps the team in its development and thus also the company in its. So if we want to ask ourselves the question on a larger scale, what is the benefit of coaching in strategy?

Penetration of the company: Coaching is naturally used in all important decisions and at all interfaces of communication and cooperation. And helps to ensure the flow of ideas, information and knowledge.

Strategic development: The strategy is developed up to the required competencies at the management and employee level. Coaching helps here, as the SCRUM Master does for the development teams. It helps to learn these competences in a targeted way.

Harvesting: Regularly all coaches, both internal and external, have the opportunity to communicate their perception and experience of the organisation and organisational culture to the management.
mirror. This feedback flows into the planning of strategy and organisational development.

But the most important thing is to measure! Measure the success of the coaching, you have a business case for it. It helps all participants to have a clear common understanding of the “Return on Investment” of coaching.

Lets have a coffee and discuss your next steps in respect to coaching.