An exciting question. Is there a formula for trust? Yes, there is:

$latex Trust=\frac{(credibility+reliability+trustworthiness)}{Own interests}&s=2$

This means: trust is the result of credibility, reliability and familiarity divided by self-interest. The exciting thing about this formula is that credibility, reliability and familiarity are the result of experience. Every time one of these points is fulfilled, trust increases. As soon as the divider grows, trust decreases disproportionately, while profit is a slow business.

By the way, we gain credibility by doing what we say and saying what we will do. Reliability is the result of the counterpart’s assessment of what you do. Familiarity comes from the fact that I can guess what my counterpart will do. Excitingly enough, all this trust results from the fact that whether I like someone or not is not really relevant. It is actions that count, not opinions. Observable and not assumptions.

And if we should ever want to say something that is not so pleasant, there is a formula for this too, namely the X method. Have fun with spring, which is what makes me more confident about the weather and the forecast. Credibility has been really good in recent weeks.