We often ask ourselves what the world will look like after Covid-19. And we notice that then the new before is.

In addition to the VUCA world that we have discussed many times before, Paolo Gallo in this article describes a world in which we are surrounded by the following 5C’s:



are driven. But our answer will not be a “new normal”, but a “new context”. He proposes to respond with the following 5C’s:


We should continue, consciously slow down. The faster we experience change around us, the greater the need for slowing down. Anyone who doesn’t know what I mean should drive 200+ km/h on a German motorway. After that,  things will be much clearer.


If we ask ourselves the question what allows us to drive fast, the answer is: braking. Without brakes, no great speed. What allows us to go fast is our ability to slow down, to use our internal brakes.

While we still face new challenges with our old knowledge and approaches, we should invest much more in cooperation and creativity. Only in this way can we make use of the intelligence of the group. It is good to see that models of the future will work much more with concepts such as creativity and courage or with empathy and empowerment.